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Regsitered Nutrition expert demonstrating how to cook using fertility foods

BA Hons, PGCE, DipNT, mANP, mGNC

Registered Nutritional Therapist passionate about specialising in fertility

Hello, I’m Liz

I help couples, like you, fulfil your dream of becoming parents, naturally. Even if you think you’ve tried everything and you’re starting to feel that your body is failing you, I will empower you to take control of your fertility journey and regain trust in your innate ability to nourish your growing baby.

It is my absolute mission to ensure women and their partners feel seen, heard and understood at this particularly vulnerable time. Wherever you are on your journey, I will meet you there.

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I understand

I know this vulnerability as I have lived the journey of unexplained infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss. It took me 5 years to realise my dream of motherhood. A journey that revealed all kinds of health imbalances that the medical model hadn't been able to join up. 

I decided to take matters into my own hands and seek Naturopathic support from wise women who supported me to completely change my life around.  

It quickly became clear to me that this was my calling, and I am now proudly a Registered Nutritional Therapist (DipNT with Distinction) having trained at the College of Naturopathic Medicine. I’m also a member of the British Association of Nutritional Therapists (BANT) the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners (ANP) and the General Naturopathic Council (GNC), as well as being a certified Womb Yoga (fertility/ pregnancy/ postnatal) Teacher and a Mizan Therapist.

Proud mum carrying newborn baby in a woven Girasol wrap
Nutritional Therapy consultation with a friendly practitioner supporting fertility problems

Let's talk about you

With the warmest of hearts, I invite you to book a free 30 minute fertility review.

I will hold space for you and ask questions about your health and fertility journey thus far. I’ll gift you some simple suggestions and and we’ll discuss how you can be supported by me on one of my 12 month programmes. 

Book your free fertility review call

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Why I'm the best therapist for you...

I am passionate about changing lives. I have invested years into training so that I can offer the highest quality support to you at the most important time in your life.  I do this by sharing evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle fertility support that is highly personalised and addresses underlying health imbalances that might have been overlooked.

There is so much more to making a baby than the reproductive system!


I support you to put the ideas into practice in a meaningful way to break through whatever barriers have held you back in the past.

I am now blessed with my miracle baby, and I want that for you too! This goes way beyond achieving that ‘big fat positive’. It’s about the development of a healthy embryo, a full-term pregnancy, and a healthy baby who will then grow to be a healthy child and enjoy a healthful life!

Though it may not feel this way now, we are in fact the lucky ones, as we have the wisdom to birth the healthiest babies and improve the long-term health of our future generation. These are, quite literally, life-changing results.

My parting gift to you is that you will have the sustained wisdom and energy to show up every day for this new person in your life as the best version of yourself.

Proud mother walking miracle baby through the woods on an Autumn day after 3 previous miscarriages
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and when I'm not helping you make babies...

You will find me on my Yoga mat – both teaching and practising – wandering around the woods near my home in the Peak District, playing guitar, holding space in women’s circles, loving and nourishing my family that I am so, SO blessed to have.

I like to take things slower nowadays, after having a frenzied young adulthood burning the candle at both ends, though I still adore socialising and having a coffee, a cake, or glass of wine (or two)…  life is for living and loving. Out with perfection and in with being a normal human being with a zest for life.

This is still important when we’re trying to bring a baby into the world too.  Yes, we need to make healthier choices, but not at the expense of being miserable, because that is not how a happy family starts. I have both your health and your happiness covered.


My free gift to you


"Getting the basics right"- 7 ways to support your fertility, naturally

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Are you ready to take back control of your fertility journey, fall back in love with your body and start nourishing it in the way it deserves? Then here’s a helping hand to taking those first steps…

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