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Earth Goddess Day Retreat

Peak District

July 4th 9am-5pm

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Relax - Recharge - Reconnect - Remember


A space in time, in nature, to move your focus inward and connect joyfully with your naturally arising feminine wisdom. Invoking wisdom and receiving nourishment from Mother Earth, we will use our bodies, our voices, our breath and our feminine energies to remember who and what we really are. Allow your heart, mind and body to re-align as you awaken to your deep inner knowing.


A safe circle of sacred sisterhood, to be witnessed in both your shadow and your light, without judgement, without anyone trying to fix you, or trying to fix yourself. A nurturing space to simply be seen, be heard and be felt, listened to from the heart, in the safe arms of Mama Gaia.

When we welcome all that we are, deep connection happens.


Nourish your soul – Come home to yourself


Over this full day set in the heart of the beautiful Peak District, we will embrace every opportunity to connect with our Great Mother. As we consciously link our awareness to nature's cycles, understanding of our own cycles begin to deepen.

Relax into your Feminine energies through:

💞Shakti Flow - beautifully blended Womb Yoga & Shakti (feminine) flow*💞

💞Guided heart-womb meditation, mudras & breath work💞

💞Shakti circles - a safe space to be seen, heard & felt 💞

💞 Mizan Therapy - guided womb self-massage 💞

💞 Kirtan style music, mantra, chanting, singing 💞

💞Cyclical wisdom, charting, female creativity & sexuality 💞

💞 Naturopathic Nutrition for female vitality 💞

💞Foraging walk with passionate Medical Herbalist 💞

💞Rite of the Womb (Munay-Ki 13th Rite)💞

💞Opening & Closing ceremonies💞

💞Celebration of Mother Earth & the Divine Feminine 💞

*Please note that I will be 8 months pregnant at the time of the

retreat so there will be no strong asana*


Are you ready to awaken the Divine Feminine within you? 

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Your Facilitator - Liz Bortoli


Warm greetings sister – it's an honour to meet you here. 

It is through my own, ongoing, healing journey that I have arrived at the privilege of my Feminine Awakening offering to you.  As with most things we’re passionate about, it’s our own journeys that have led us here. Everything I share with you is from the heart. My hope is that, from the moment that you arrive, you feel enveloped in love and support, so that you leave with a deepened power to see and feel that love in yourself and others.  It is my absolute privilege to witness you, hold space for you and honour all that you are sister.

I am passionate about music and love the meditative effects that chanting and singing mantras can bring. I live locally and have a genuine passion for the Derbyshire countryside. I really believe that the more we connect with nature, the more profound a connection we have with ourselves. So we’ll be taking every opportunity to be outdoors – toes in the grass, grounding, connecting. Jai Ma! 


  • Yoga Training – Vinyasa Flow 200 hours Teacher Training, Womb Yoga 40 hours Teacher Training Pregnancy Yoga 50 hours Teacher Training, Yoga for Female Creativity and Sexuality CPD, Pranayama Breathing CPD, Yoga Nidra Immersion CPD + 13 years of dedication to my own practice*  

  • Qualified Mizan Therapy Practitioner (womb & abdominal massage)

  • Naturopathic Nutritionist DiP– College of Naturopathic Medicine**

  • Other – Red Tent & Women’s Circle Facilitator/ Music and Earth lover 

*I don’t subscribe to any one school of Yoga. Whilst I have the absolute utmost respect for ALL Yoga teachings, traditions and lineages, my personal belief is that the best guru is the guru within. Yoga, to me, is about listening to what our bodies need and attuning to our deepest intuition. It' there in all of us.

**Naturopathy course completion June 2020 – in time to share my wisdom with you on our retreat 


What other women are saying about my retreats:


"Full of energy, full of love”

"It has been a time of deep reflection, healing and connection with my sisters. I will remember this time forever"

"I could taste, feel, smell, see and touch the love and care Liz put into every element of the retreat"

"I did not expect this retreat to be as mind-blowing as it was. It has exceeded my expectations in every single way"

"If you want to connect with nature, Mother Earth and your feminine energy, then this is the retreat for you! A beautiful space to harmonise body and soul. Full of activities to focus your feminine wisdom. A real treat!"


"A beautiful, emotional retreat connecting with my sister yoginis, finding myself and my femininity. I feel full of life and connected to nature” 

"One of the most empowering, tender, loving times of my life” 

“I feel like I’m leaving with a sense of joy for life that has been missing

for a while” 

"Liz is a true, rare and beautiful being. I feel instantly welcome in her presence and she emits only the most benevolent energies. Through her own spiritual practice and development, she invites you to carve your own path, discover latent energies within yourself. I will always be grateful to the universe for bringing Liz into my life”


"Magical. Liberating. Precious” 


The Venue...

Your day retreat is set in the rural parish of  Elton and Gratton, in the beautiful Peak District.

The majority of the retreat will be in Elton Village . Hall:

The foraging/ herbal walk will take you around the surrounding area in the Peaks. 

Is this the retreat for me? 

This retreat is suitable for all women at all life stages (including pregnancy as I am pregnany Yoga trained and will indeed be pregnant myself). No experience is necessary - it's about your inward journey. 

If you are looking to improve your headstand, practise dynamic Yoga and teachings from the Yoga Sutras, this is probably not the retreat for you. If, on the other hand, you are looking to let go of expectation - of yourself and others - if you're willing to get raw and authentic and come into the real truth of what it is to be a woman, then you have come to the right place sister. 

Please be mindful that connecting with source (our wombspace) can, at times, bring up some emotion, and ensure that you are in a place of strength to allow whatever arises to flow with ease and grace. It is all so very welcome, though obviously we are all ultimately responsible for our own well-being.













Your Investment - £70

Includes healthy plant based lunch, snacks & refreshments 


Payment in full at the time of booking. 

FULL REFUND available if Coronavirus dictates that our retreat can't go ahead. 

If you are really feeling the call but financial restraints are standing in your way, please get in touch and I’ll see if we can set up some kind of payment plan. 

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