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Shakti Flow
Note: I run women's circles at the Coach House Studio in Wirksworth. We meet at the Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumn Equinox, and the Winter Solstice. There is an online community which, sadly, has been temporarily disabled due to Facebook hackers. If you'd like to be part f this community and find out when our meets are, please click here and ask to be added to the group. Whatever your motivation to join, please know that you are so welcome sister. 

Feminine awakening logo WEB ONLY.png

“No outer teacher can come close to the deep sense of wisdom and understanding that flows through a woman who is absolutely and profoundly connected with her own intuitive understanding.”

- Uma-Dinsmore Tuli


Bringing together my love of Womb Yoga and Vinyasa Flow – 'SHAKTI FLOW' is my blend of these two practices. Practising Yoga in a more feminine way to support our connection to source - the seat of our creativity and sensuality.


Our bodies are anatomically different. Our energies are variable. Shakti Flow is about honouring all that it is to be a woman, and embracing all aspects of Yoga (not just Asana!) to support that.

I've been practising Yoga for 15 years now, and intuitively this just makes complete sense to me.


EveryBODY is absolutely welcome. Complete beginners to experienced Yoginis who wish to adopt this new style of practising in the feminine. For ALL women (and those who identify as women) from menarche to post-menopause – womb or no womb, at all life stages. 


What is Shakti? 

-Shakti is our feminine energy, the counterpart to our Shiva (masculine energy). We all possess the qualities of both, although the patriarchal world in which we live often drives us into our Shiva. Shakti flow brings us back to the core/ heart/ essence of who we really are supposed to be – creative, sexual beings!


What will a class look like? 

We'll start with a meditation to ground ourselves and connect with our inner guide, followed by mantra (voice/ sound). You will then be guided through some slow Mudras (hand gestures) and taken into a beautiful flow incorporating both Womb and Vinyasa Flow Yoga, the feminine way. Ending with a delicious relaxation.



Booking Essential 

SPACES VERY LIMITED (due to the size of the venue)

Every Thursday except at the New Moon (Red Tent happening instead - get in touch for more info).



Everything I share is from the heart, from the womb 💕

Come along and experience the beginning of this feminine journey inward.



"I am a woman, a human being of extraordinary strength, wisdom, and grace.

My woman’s body was created in the body of a woman.

I am daughter, sister, mother in thousands of generations of women…

I am a woman, part of and the whole of the first circle,

the circle that transcended space and time,

the circle of women joined."

–Ann Valliant and Kathleen Klimek (in Open Mind by Diane Mariechild)

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