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​“ No outer teacher can come close to the deep sense of wisdom and understanding that flows through a woman who is absolutely and profoundly connected with her own intuitive understanding.”

(Uma-Dinsmore Tuli)

As with everything in our patriarchical society, Yoga as we know it today is typically designed for men and can sometimes therefore be unsuitable for the ever-changing physiology of our female bodies. Womb Yoga supports women at all life stages by honouring our cyclical wisdom through conscious awareness, re-connecting joyfully with our naturally arising inner wisdom. No teacher can come close to the inner wisdom of a woman wo is completely connected with her inner wisdom.  The asanas (postures), pranamaya (breathing), chanting, meditation and deep relaxation are all designed to support women at all stages of our lunar and life cycles.

Womb Yoga the creation of the truly inspirational - Uma Dinsmore-Tuli. It is an evolving therapeutic approach to yoga specially developed to support women’s health and healing. Womb Yoga is an experience of re-connection, a sense of re-discovered grace, ease and delight in the profound power of Shakti, the feminine life force. It is about honouring with spiritual awareness the experiences of girls and women from pre-menarche to post-menopause. Womb Yoga offers a truly nurturing, strengthening and revitalising, feminine approach to yoga that can support, nourish and delight us through the whole of our lives.

Womb Yoga teaches us to be truly present in our body and to honour, respect and be responsive to our ever changing needs. It enables us to access the inner guidance of our source wisdom so that we may more readily reside in wellbeing and peace with our experiences as women, leading us to spiritual empowerment, self-acceptance and contentment.


Who is Womb Yoga for?


ALL WOMEN from menarche to post-menopause – womb or no womb (we still have a womb space!).  In other traditions this kind of women’s work is absolutely the norm but sadly, in our westernised culture we have simply lost our connection with ourselves and forgotten the truth of who we really are.

Some of the benefits...


Womb Yoga contributes to a healthier menstrual cycle and relationship with the cycle. It supports us to be more in tune with our lunar rhythms, to fully honour and welcome the feminine embodiment as key to women’s self-knowledge.


To practice Womb Yoga is to deepen and refine our encounters with these intense manifestations of Shakti (the life force) in our lives, and to experience them fully, joyfully and with conscious awareness of their significance. Womb Yoga is to discover new perspectives and deep strength to encounter our spiritual empowerment and Self discovery.


Fertility and Postnatal Recovery


Sending Shakti (feminine life force) to the womb space through meditation, mudras (gestures), paranyama (breathing) and asanas (postures) can be a very powerful tool to support both fertility and postnatal recovery. Womb Yoga is a softer, more feminine approach to the Yoga tradition; thus being more appropriate for preconception and postnatal recovery.



Womb-life challenges and reconciliations

Womb Yoga is supports us to face the challenges of miscarriages, abortions, womb losses, suffering and traumas of all kinds. Womb Yoga can bring us into a positive relationship with the nurturing and creative feminine energies of our womb, reaching places of forgiveness, acceptance and love to create positive healing and expand consciousness.



Pelvic organ support

Womb Yoga can promote profound and lasting postnatal recovery or effective management of pelvic organ prolapse.  Practicing Womb Yoga supports us to gain security, strength and support at the very foundation of our being, and to engage with postural awareness and inner pelvic health that can create lifelong wellness and vitality.

Journey to menopause and beyond

Womb Yoga assists us at all levels through the journey of peri-menopause, or the passage to the great freedom and wisdom beyond menopause. It enables us to celebrate with honour and full respect these intense encounters with change as central to a woman’s spiritual growth, to her self-acceptance and spiritual maturity.


What if I don’t have a womb?

We all have a womb space and it’s possible that you might want to send some extra love and healing to yours. Womb Yoga can be a deeply healing and nurturing experience in the months and years following hysterectomy.

Is Womb Yoga suitable for pregnant women?

In theory – yes, however I am personally not yet trained to support you but I highly recommend that you visit the Womb Yoga website to find a practitioner that is:


I have an IUD fitted, are all of the practices still suitable for me?

In short, no, however there are always modifications so Womb Yoga is still a beautiful practice for you.


Do I need to have any experience of Yoga before?

Absolutely not! The physical Yoga is gentle and suitable for anyone (even with no Yoga experience)

Whether you’re already some way into your inward ‘womb’ journey or this is the first time you’ve ever thought about it, there’s opportunity for new learning, experiencing and reconnecting with your own true self.

Goddesses…. I’m so excited to meet you and welcome you home to yourselves!

Om Namah Shivaya

Further info and credits:

‘Womb Yoga is an approach to Yoga specially developed to support women’s health and healing over the past fifteen years by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, who is an absolute inspiration! Most of the above information is adapted from her website, which you simply must visit: :

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