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Flourish Programme

Fertility Roots

For couples who want all that is included in the Fertility Roots and Nourish Programmes, though with more focus and accountability. By meeting with me virtually every week, we are holding each other accountable, showing up and taking action. This package is particularly suited to you if you already have a specific diagnosis (such as PCOS or endometriosis), or perhaps you are preparing for IVF or other assisted fertility Route. It is also the best package for you if you have experienced recurrent miscarriage and want to work with a practitioner that has been there and completely ‘gets you’. You will be investing a lot of time and energy into this exchange, and it will be my privilege to hold your hand and support you every step of the way.


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What's included

Comprehensive analysis of your lifelong health, family history, lifestyle and diet


Initial personal consultation 150 minutes (75 minutes each partner and 30 minutes together 

11x follow up consultations (30-45mins each week)

A fully personalised nutrition protocol for both partners

Bespoke lifestyle and exercise recommendations to compliment your existing lifestyle

Customised supplement plan with a 10% discount using practitioner discount code*

Current medication and nutrient interaction evaluation

Personalised recommendations for clinical testing* and interpretation of test results

fertility eBook

Recipe suggestions, resources and handouts for practical support on your journey

Recipe eBook

Support with meal planning and preparation

Optional inclusion of fertility meditations and Womb Yoga in your sessions

Free attendance to local Yoga classes (both partners)


Free attendance to one women's circle (female only) 

Price Includes time researching and putting together your personalised plans


*Supplement and test purchases are not included in the programme and are at an additional cost

Book your free call to discuss which level of support best suits your unique needs

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For a slightly deeper delve inward...

"I wanted a baby and that wasn’t happening. I wasn’t addressing the needs of my cycle. I’d had a miscarriage before I met Liz, so there was a time for coming to terms with all that. It meant embedding all the ‘bits’ -  aligning womb, heart, mind, body and soul.  The spaces that Liz creates invites you to do all of that – to understand and appreciate the flow between them all. If you are in need of nurturing and empowerment, and if you’re looking for a slightly deeper delve inward, to really gently and softly look at some big inner workings, then Liz is your woman."

Rachel Gay (age35)
Actor/ Yoga Practitioner
with Nancy (age 6 months)

New mother carrying her 6 month old baby in a carrier and giving thanks for the support she had on her fertility journey.
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