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Hormone Harmony Programme
Starts June 12th to July 9th

Do you sometimes feel 'out of flow'? Do feel at the mercy of  your hormones rather than in-tune and empowered?

Do you wish your energy and your life could be more in balance?

Let me show you how... 

Join me for 28 days on my group programme designed to help you reset your body, rebalance your hormones and feel fantastic. Take back control and THRIVE. 

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Women are INCREDIBLE! When we are in balance we are a force to be reckoned with. Sadly, though, it doesn’t take much for us to swing out of balance. If you feel that your body is less than thriving, I can help you.

Do you recognise any of the following? ​

  • Exhausted 

  • Tired but 'wired' at bedtime

  • Need caffeine to keep going

  • Putting on weight, especially around the middle

  • Headaches

  • Brain fog

  • Memory problems or struggling to concentrate

  • Night sweats

  • Heavy, erratic or no periods at all

  • Struggling to sleep

  • Bloating

  • Constant hunger and cravings, especially in the afternoon

  • Cold feet

  • Overwhelm

  • Mood Swings, feeling irritable and more angry than usual
  • Breast tenderness

  • Feeling low, anxious or  depressed

  • Cry easily

  • Acne

  • Constipation

  • Excess hair, maybe on the face or breasts

  • Thinning eyebrows or hair

  • Loss of sex drive

  • Vaginal dryness

  • Joint pains

  • Dry skin

Most of these are indicative of hormonal imbalances, which can be gently brought back into alignment if you access the right support. Trying to make sense of all the information available via the media, the internet and all the books we consume, can be really overwhelming. And finding the time and space to make changes can feel like an impossible task when trying to juggle the demands of real life. So often we can spiral into unhealthy habits - coffee, alcohol, sugar, poor sleep hygiene - it becomes a vicious cycle. 


In fact, you’re not alone if you’ve ever felt like:

  • You’ve tried everything under the sun from Yoga to fasting, but your energy levels are still on the floor and your mood is a monthly rollercoaster

  • You’re spending hours exercising every week and being so 'good' with your diet, but the scale isn't moving and the extra weight around the middle just won't budge.  

  • You’re ready to throw in the towel. You’re done wasting time, money and energy trying to find harmony in your cycle. What is being 'in flow' anyway?!

I can 100% relate to this feeling of being powerless.

I see you and I feel you. 

Once upon a time, I was feeling at the mercy of my cycle with overwhelmingly intense emotions, anxiety, poor memory, brain fog, tired all the time, and what we refer to as 'tired and wired' at bedtime. It's a really tough place to be. Now I’m living my best life, I want that for you too! It wasn’t until I finally learned to be in harmony with my body and understood how small dietary tweaks, specific (functional) foods, lifestyle changes, and learning how my cycle works from a scientific and energetic perspective, all contributed to being able to find flow and peace. It took me years to gain this wisdom and start to enjoy the ebbs and flows of being a woman.


When we're completely in harmony, it can be truly enlightening, but when we're out of synch, it can feel too much to carry. 

Working one-to-one can be sometimes be a stretch financially for some people who really need help, which is  why I have created this Hormone Harmony group programme, bringing together everything I have learned through professional training and personal experience. I designed this easy-to-follow programme for women, like you, who want to feel amazing but who sometimes slip into unhealthy habits. This is your chance to reset and start living your best life. 

A woman in tune with her cycle is a woman

with a special super power.

The programme is being run online with a weekly live session so you can get the support you need to put all my advice into practice. I am just so excited to share it with just 20 special women who are keen to make 2023 the year they prioritise their own self-care, so we can show up in the world as the best version of themselves.


The time to shine is now, sister. Are you joining me?  

Imagine finally being able to…

  • Completely understand how to honour your hormones, rather than push against them

  • Learn to eat to bring your hormones into balance, naturally

  • Identify the root causes of your cravings and eating habits

  • Shed the extra pounds around the middle that you've been unsuccessfully flogging at the gym 

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What you're getting over the 28 days on this specially curated group programme:

  • Hormone Harmony Recipe Book featuring delicious recipes

  • Hormone Harmony Manual with the lowdown on everything you need to know about your cycle, what disrupts it and how to get back in balance.

  • Hormone Harmony Journal packed with questionnaires and journaling pages to help you track your progress through the programme.

  • Printable shopping lists

  • Support, inspiration & motivation in a dedicated online group - think of this like month long women's circle*

  • 4 x hour long live education & coaching sessions - meeting once per week*

  • Daily motivational emails

*See FAQ

Hormone Harmony Group Programme £95

For your transformation, your health, your happiness and inner peace.

Hormone Harmony Programme + One-to-One Coaching Session £145

For women who want all of the above, but with a little extra support. In this package you get all of the above + a 30-minute one-to-one coaching session with me, Registered Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach. An opportunity to get unstuck, to identify and overcome the barriers that are holding you back from living your best life. 


When will we meet for the live session? 

During the programme we will meet once each week on a Saturday for an hour, via Zoom. It is recorded though, so even if you can't attend live, you still get to watch the replay and feel very much a part of the circle.  

Do I need to be online at a certain time every day? 

The rest of the course is self study - so there will be new information coming up during the whole 28 days, but you don't have to be at your computer at any given time. I find this makes it accessible to more women, enabling them to fit it around the busy schedule that modern day living presents. 

How much time do I need to commit? 

This really is up to you. There is some content available every day. Some women prefer to allocate a few set times during the week to sit down and take it all in. Others like to check in every day. Obviously we get out what we put in so it's worth considering how you can carve out a little space in your life to get the most out of the programme. As a very loose guideline, I recommend an average allocation of a 30 minute slot daily (although some days you need little more than 10), or spread out during the week. Plus 60 minutes on a Saturday.  It's worth considering that 30 minutes per day is just 2% of your time. Ask yourself, 'am I worth 2% of my time?' I will answer that for you - YES YOU ARE! 

How many other women will be in the group?

There will be approximately 20 women sharing this virtual space with you. This is a nice number to nurture the supportive, intimate space that a women's circle can offer. This is often where the magic happens. Sharing, asking questions, space holding, support - it's like a virtual campfire for the month. Again, you can dip in and out as suits. 

Where will the group programme be run? 

The whole programme will be run on my Practice Better system. This is a secure platform where you will make your booking and access all your content. The group is run like a private Facebook group but more secure. 

When will I be able to access the content? 

You'll receive all of your starter pack (journal, handbook, recipe book) the week before we start as this allows you time to get organised. Thereafter you will receive your content day-by-day, starting June 12th. 

 New content will be open to you every day. You will have full access to the content until two weeks after the programme closes. You are able to download all of the starter pack resources so that you have them for your lifelong journey. 

What happens over the 4 weeks? 

Week 1 - focus on functional foods 

Week 2 - give yourself the metabolic edge

Week 3 - detox and digestion

Week 4 - stress & self-care

You'll learn how to balance your blood sugar, support your liver, improve digestion and gut health, learn how to be kind to your skin (the largest organ in the body), learn coping mechanisms for the stressors or modern-day life, learn how specific foods can support your hormones, and how to support the bodies natural detoxification process. 

It's my absolute pleasure to take this journey with you. 

Glowing mother of 18 month old sharing her experiences of working with womb yoga and fertility practitioner.

It's like going into a cocoon...

"If you’re interested in understanding yourself on a deeper level  and how the mechanisms of the womanly body works – feeling held, supported and nurtured- then you are in safe hands. It’s like going into a cocoon. "

Victoria Douglas Bailey (age 33),
Consciously Living Yoga Teacher. 

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