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Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Live Music and Sound Journey -

Thursday 22nd August, 6:15-8:15pm, Bakewell Town hall


He's back! The incredibly talented OmJai has returned from his musical adventures in Asia and Europe and will be joining us for this very special evening  of live music, mantra and Vinyasa Flow Yoga. This will lead into a deliciously long Savasana (relaxation) as OmJai takes us into a sound bath journey using a range of different musical tools including overtone singing, guitar, didgeridoo, shamanic drum, native flutes, singing bowls and chimes to assist in reaching a state of inner peace and deep relaxation. You really need to experience this - absolute bliss!


After the session finishes there will be a beautiful 'singing circle' which you are welcome to join for no extra cost. This is an opportunity to join in with his mantras by singing, playing an instrument, or just simply listening and enjoying the vibrations of the music.

Your investment for this evening is £15.

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