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Nourish Programme

Fertility Roots

You have been trying to conceive, unsuccessfully, for some time - I see you and I feel you!

Maybe you are starting to lose faith in your ability to birth a baby into the world naturally and are considering going down the route of IVF or other assisted fertility method. This programme is for you couples who feel as though you’ve already tried ‘everything’ and want to invest in focussed, evidenced-based nutritional and lifestyle support from a qualified professional. Support is highly personalised and addresses underlying health issues and imbalances that might not have been identified in the medical model. I support you with a positive shift of mindset from feeling that your bodies are failing you, to feeling that your body is in optimum health to sustain and nurture your growing baby.

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What's included

Comprehensive analysis of your lifelong health, family history, lifestyle and diet


Initial consultation (75 minutes each and 30 minutes together where possible)

6x follow up consultations (45 minutess)

A fully personalised nutrition protocol for both partners

Bespoke lifestyle and exercise recommendations to compliment your existing lifestyle

Customised supplement plan with a 10% discount using practitioner discount code*

Current medication and nutrient interaction evaluation

Personalised recommendations for clinical testing* and interpretation of test results


Fertility eBook


Recipe suggestions, resources and handouts for practical support on your journey


Recipe eBook

Support with meal planning 

Optional inclusion of fertility meditations in your sessions

Price Includes time researching and putting together your personalised plans


*Supplement and test purchases are not included in the programme and are at an additional cost

Book your free call to discuss which level of support best suits your unique needs

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Client testimonial sharing her thoughts on why this is a great womb and fertility practitioner to work with.

What women say about me 

"When you make space in your body and mind, it opens up a gateway for other things, and a few months later I became pregnant. To anyone thinking of working with Liz - Oh my goodness - do it! Do it now. Have no fear. Just jump in with 2 feet. You won’t be disappointed."

Lex Cuppleditch, age 37,
Head of Volunteering at Cycling UK

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