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What women say about me

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Beautiful picture of mother lovingly holding her baby and giving thanks to her fertility practitioner for support

Her passion shines through...

"I am so grateful to Liz for all the really useful information for a healthy pregnancy, and I felt really supported throughout my journey. She is such a lovely practitioner and has a wealth of knowledge on all things fertility, pregnancy and women’s health. Her passion shines through and I would truly recommend her services to anyone who is trying to conceive and is considering the help of a nutritional therapist. Thank you Liz!"

Milla (age 32)Full-time mother to River (16 months)and Cassius (6 years)

For a slightly deeper delve inward...

"I wanted a baby and that wasn’t happening. I wasn’t addressing the needs of my cycle. I’d had a miscarriage before I met Liz, so there was a time for coming to terms with all that. It meant embedding all the ‘bits’ -  aligning womb, heart, mind, body and soul.  The spaces that Liz creates invites you to do all of that – to understand and appreciate the flow between them all. If you are in need of nurturing and empowerment, and if you’re looking for a slightly deeper delve inward, to really gently and softly look at some big inner workings, then Liz is your woman."

Rachel Gay (age35)Actor/ Yoga Practitionerwith Nancy (age 6 months)

New mother carrying her 6 month old baby in a carrier and giving thanks for the support she had on her fertility journey.
Glowing mother of 18 month old sharing her experiences of working with womb yoga and fertility practitioner.

It's like going into a cocoon...

"If you’re interested in understanding yourself on a deeper level and how the mechanisms of the womanly body works – feeling held, supported and nurtured- then you are in safe hands. It’s like going into a cocoon. "

Victoria Douglas Bailey (age 33),
Consciously Living Yoga Teacher,
with Arthur age (18.5 months)

There's just something about Liz...

"You are in a safe and caring pair of hands. There’s just something about Liz that allows people to relax and open up, and that’s a really special gift"

Emma Datta,
Full-time mother and mature student
with Rohan (age 10 months)

Happy mother and baby thanking fertility practitioner for support and connection.
Client testimonial sharing her thoughts on why this is a great womb and fertility practitioner to work with.

Do it now...

"When you make space in your body and mind, it opens up a gateway for other things, and a few months later I became pregnant. To anyone thinking of working with Liz - Oh my goodness - do it! Do it now. Have no fear. Just jump in with 2 feet. You won’t be disappointed."

Lex Cuppleditch, age 37,
Head of Volunteering at Cycling UK
with Flo (age 1)

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I can help you too

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Proud mum walks her toddler over the hills of Cromford Derbyshire on a beautiful Autumnal day.
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